Members of Council

First name
The Rt Revd Wallace Benn President 2015
The Ven Michael Lawson Chairman 2015  
Mr Stephen Hofmeyr Company Secretary 2015  
Mr John Challen Treasurer 2015  
The Revd Simon Vibert Conference organiser 2015  
The Ven Julian Henderson Canterbury Clergy 2011  
The Revd Mark Prentice Canterbury Clergy 2012  
The Revd Andrew Symes Canterbury Clergy 2012  
The Revd Keith Crocker Canterbury Clergy 2013  
The Revd John Hamilton Canterbury Clergy 2013  
The Revd John Richardson Canterbury Clergy 2011  
The Revd Andrew Goddard Canterbury Clergy 2014  
Mr Sean Doherty Canterbury Clergy 2014  
Canon Nigel Chetwood Canterbury Laity 2014  
Mr Glynn Harrison Canterbury Laity 2014  
Mrs Sarah Finch Canterbury Laity 2011  
    Vacancy Canterbury Laity 2013  
Brigadier Ian Dobbie Canterbury Laity 2012  
Duncan Boyd Duncan Boyd Canterbury Laity 2012  
Alison Ruoff Alison Ruoff Canterbury Laity 2013  
    Vacancy Canterbury Laity 2011  
The Revd Simon Austen York Clergy 2011  
The Revd Ian Paul York Clergy 2012  
The Revd George Curry York Clergy 2013  
The Revd     York Clergy 2014  
Mr David Mills York Laity 2011  
    Vacancy York Laity 2013  
Mrs Alison Wynne York Laity 2014  
Mrs Judith Sword York Laity 2012  
The Revd John Dunnett CPAS ~
The Revd David Phillips Church Society ~  
The Revd David Banting Reform 2010
Vacancy     New Wine 2010
The Revd Chris Sugden Anglican Mainstream 2010
The Revd Tamsin Merchant Awesome 2010
The Revd Angus MacLeay The Christian Institute 2010
The Revd Mark Lucas Fellowship of Word & Spirit 2010
The Revd Alastair Cutting EGGS 2015
Mr Christopher Corbet EGGS 2015
Mr Gerry O'Brien EGGS 2015
    Vacancy EGGS  
The Revd Tim Dakin CMS 2010
The Revd Andy Lines Crosslinks 2010
The Revd Mike Ovey Oak Hill College  
The Revd George Kovoor Trinity College  
Mr Mark Russell Evangelical Alliance  
The Revd Tim Hastie-Smith Scripture Union  
The Revd Gill Dallow Gill Dallow Children's Work  
The Revd John Cook Council Co-options 2014
Dr Philip Giddings Council Co-options 2014
The Revd Steve James Council Co-options 2014
Mr Geoff Locke Council Co-options 2014
The Rt Revd Keith Sinclair Council Co-options 2014
    Vacancy Council Co-options 2014
The Revd Peter Breckwoldt Communications Officer ~
Prebb Richard Bewes Former Chairman ~
The Revd Richard Turnbull Former Chairman ~
The Revd Michael Walters Executive Officer ~

* indicates a member of the Executive
+ indicates a person who attends Executive meetings by virtue of their office.

The state of the election process can be found here.


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