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"Change afoot": Proposals were made at the Council meeting on Jan 23rd which are quite radical. The actual vote on the proposals will be made at the Council meeting on June 17th.

Death of Council member: The Revd John Richardson, the Vicar of Ugley, went to join the Lord on March 31st 2014. One tribute can be found here, and John's own blog can be found here. Use the Contact page if you wish to add comment yourself.

New Treasurer appointed: The Revd George Curry has been appointed Treasurer following the resignation of John Challen last year. George was elected unapposed.

Radical Change to Come: At the next Council meeting on January 23rd we consider again the changes recommended by the Review Group, which are available elsewhere on this website. The chairman, the Ven Michael Lawson has announced that he will be standing down at this meeting. A report will be issued later this month.

Retirement: Our Executive Officer, the Reverend Canon Michael Walters, has resigned as of the end of 2013. Michael has served CEEC well, and his wisdom will be greatly missed. A good friend. Andrew Symes will look after the Executive Officer's role until a permanent replacement is made. The email address remains the same.

Breaking News: A Press Release has been issued following the publication of the Pilling Report.

Council Meeting:Council meets next on October 15th, with the main item on the agenda being the Review mentioned below. As ever, your prayers would be appreciated.

Review Document Update: If you would be willing to contribute to the Review, there's a questionnaire to be found here.

Review Document: The report written at the end of a major review of the workings of CEEC has been tabled, and is available by clicking here. The Council are currently seeking reactions to the review prior to its formal consideration. (If you have any thoughts, don't forget the feedback page here.)

Elections: Details of a By-Election can be found here.

CEEC welcomes House of Laity vote: A Press Release has been issued following the failure of a vote of no confidence in the chairman of the House of Laity of the General Synod this week. The Press Release can be read here.

BBC "Sunday" programme: The CEEC Chairman, the Ven Michael Lawson was invited to go on the BBC Sunday programme on Sunday Jan 5th to talk with Ed Sturton and Lord Harris (former Bishop of Oxford) about the Bishops’ statement. The BBC link to hear the recording is here. The interview is towards the end of this recording at 34’27”.

"Gay" Bishops: The CEEC Chairman has issued a personal statement following the announcement from the House of Bishops that "clergy in civil partnerships, and living in accordance with the teaching of the Church on human sexuality, can be considered as candidates for the episcopate." It can be read here.

Synod vote on Women Bishops: The Venerable Michael Lawson, CEEC Chairman, comments on the No vote for Women Bishops -“The Church of England Evangelical Council stands ready to work with all sides to find a constructive way forward” more..

Elections: It's that time of year again. Please see the Notice of Election - the nomination forms can be found here - Canterbury Clergy, York Clergy, Canterbury Laity and York Laity. Closing date for nominations is 19th December.

Welcome to +Justin Welby - CEEC Chairman Michael Lawson says, “I am delighted with the appointment of Justin Welby as the next Archbishop of Canterbury. I and CEEC look forward to working with him. This is certainly a good moment for our church and nation, and the wider world too.” The Press Release issued on Nov 10th can be read by clicking here.

Women Bishops' Legislation: John Dunnett, chair of the Evangelical Group on General Synod gave a report at the Residential Council. You can read it by clicking here.

Press Release: At the residential meeting of the Council held on October 16/17th, Council members who are on General Synod expresed concerns over undue pressure being brought to bear on members of Synod opposed to the plans to legislate for women bishops. After debate, the following Press Release was made on 19th October - please click here to read it. The chairman, the Ven Michael Lawson, has said "Many evangelicals, both supporters and non-supporters of the ordination of women to the episcopate, are deeply concerned about provision for those who in good conscience cannot accept women bishops. We believe it is a matter not just of justice but of godliness to treat well this minority of those with whom God has joined us together in fellowship and mission. In all this we have to remember we are God’s people, and behave as such, and not slip into the ungodliness of warring political factions."

Guildford DEF Report: Roger Sayer, the DEF Secretary, reported after the meeting at Trinity Church Claygate on 25th April: "Our meeting on Wednesday with Bishop Mark Lawrence (TEC Bishop of South Carolina) and Bishop John Guernsey (ACNA Bishop of Mid-Atlantic) was very moving because it brought home both the sadness of a situation in which Christians are divided and also where individuals are being pressured and even persecuted. There were also warnings for us of the personal and communal consequences that may happen if schism occurs in the C of E. There was some light: people holding out against great pressure to remain loving and giving, and also new growth where the ground had been ravaged." The recording of the event can be heard by clicking here.

Poll: The Poll on the CEEC input to the House of Bishops on Civil Partnerships last year attracted 91 votes, 62 agreeing that the statement was true to scripture, 10 felt it was bigoted and 7 felt it was too wishy-washy. The remaining 12 votes took the view that the statement "is not as I see the issue." The new Poll concerns the St Matthias Day statement, with the same voting options.

St Mattias Day Statement: CEEC have issued a deeply-considered statement that seeks to help Anglicans understand our church’s teaching in the area of marriage and sexual relationships, and its relevance today. The statement can be read by clicking here.

Episcopal Working Party reviewing the 2005 House of Bishops' Statement concerning Civil Partnerships: A Working Party was set up at the January 12th meeting of the Council to produce an input to the Episcopal Working party. You can find the letter here in Rich Text Format or here in Acrobat format.

Elections to Council: The following people were elected to Council:
Canterbury - Clergy: Julian Henderson and John Richardson, and for the Laity: Sarah Finch and Emma Racklyeft.
York - Clergy: Simon Austen, and for the Laity: David Mills.

Previous CEEC Chairman interviewed by David Virtue. Click here to read the article.

MARRIAGE: The CEEC Council have issued a Press Release on our view of marriage. Read the document in Acrobat format by clicking here or in Rich Text Format version by clicking here. Why not share your thoughts by checking out this week's Poll? Of those voting, 75% felt it was scriptural. What do you think?

John Stott Poll: Nearly half of contributors had 7 or more books written by John, and 25% had between 1 and 3 books.

Remembering John Stott - a tribute page to John Stott with thoughts from Michael lawson and Richard Bewes is available by clicking here.

As ever, if you have any questions, write via the Contact page.

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